March 6, 2015

What Does Your Name Mean?

What Does Your Name Mean? //

Welcome friends. Two days ago was one of those fun holidays. Not as fun as national pancake day (earlier this week) or National Puppy Day (later this month) or even National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5th) which should never, ever be missed.

Alas, it was What Does Your Name Mean Day and I couldn't be more excited.

When I was younger I use to remember what my name meant but first for those who don't know my first and middle name let me tell you. Wait for it because it is a dozy.

Katherine Irene.

Yeah, Irene.

There is a joke that goes on between my mom and I. When I was in high school I was given the photo of my great grandmother whom I was named after. I have always kept the photo and moved it to each place and home I have lived in. It is an old black and white with my great grandmother and her miniature pony. When I first got the photo I asked my mom if this was who I was named after. She replied a simple yes then added that I was in fact named after someone in the photo, the miniature pony named Irene. Isn't my mom funny? Obviously the pony wasn't named Irene but my mom just laughs every time. She is clever, that one.

And after typing that story I see where my sense of humor comes from because I would totally do that to my child and laugh about it.

Regardless my name has meaning. It is historical and significant to my family but what about its worldly meaning?

So I looked it up. The ol' Google did me well this morning.

Katherine means pure.
Irene means peace.

Pure peace.

That struck me immediately. I feel like I needed to see this. I needed to find this. My name represents peace and pureness. I am to represent peace and pureness. It is encouraging. It is challenging. It is just for me.

And if that isn't reason enough for me to be happy I don't know what will.

What does your name mean? It may be something you need to find out.

Image by the lovely Felicia Hausman Photography

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