December 1, 2014

Skip's Nursery

Literally minutes before we left for the hospital I thought "I don't have any pictures of the nursery! It may never look like this again."

I ran to Skip's room (which he is in right now, laying in his crib talking when he should be napping) and snapped these photos with my trusty iPhone which gives the best quality, of course.

Most things were gifted to us or are hand me downs. I will try to give all the details below.

I wanted Skip's nursery to be a room that transitions with him. I didn't want a baby room but a room that works for both baby and big boy. I am in love with his room and how whimsical it is...

White cube shelf: Walmart
Rocker: My grandparents
Crib: Walmart
Dresser: We owned (and I refinished)
Deer watercolor: My niece
Fish pillow and whale pillow: TJ Maxx
Curtains: IKEA
Striped rug: TJ Maxx
Wooden rocker: Rusty's grandmother from when she was little :)
Anchor sheet: Target
Sleep my angel watercolor: Made with love by mommy :)
Whale watercolor: Etsy

If you have a question about anything else, just email me at

Oh and happy first day of December. Eeeeep Christmas!

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