April 6, 2011


Every time I wait in line at the grocery store, browse Barnes and Noble or have down time I am looking at bridal gowns.  Finding that perfect gown is one of or is the biggest aspect of your wedding.  You have the prince, location and date but now what do you wear?  Spring 2011 you have not let me down and I am gaw gaw over these dresses.  I keep finding a trend in all the dresses that I looked at:  their skirt.  Each skirt is adorned with extra fabric or a design.  Here are some of the dresses that stopped me in my tracks:

These first three dress are Monique Lhuillier.  She is brilliant.  Every dress she designs is stunning with a sprinkle of fantastic.  Monique, we should totally be friends!

I love the form fitting trumpet that flares out to a gorgeous skirt full of detail.

I would sell a body part for this dress.  Yes, I am already married and don't need one but you get the idea.

I love the look of lace.  My best friend had an all lace dress and I think that her dress will never go out of style.  It is classic and has such southern charm.

Now, for those of us who can't afford Monique as in me, check out Vera Wang's new line at David's Bridal.  It is gorgeous.  I looked at each dress and couldn't find one thing wrong with any dress.

Vera made me fall in love with a ball gown again.

She is also probably the only person who can make a giant black tulle bow look wedding worthy.

David's Bridal:  A lot of brides are starting to change into different dresses for their reception.  This dress is perfect for that or even your ceremony.  Think about a vintage wedding outside with lots of candles, wicker baskets and the sun setting while you and your sweetheart drive away in a classic car.  Ahh...perfection.

This detailing resembles the first dress listed and is from David's Bridal.  It has the same sweetheart neckline, is slimming through the waste, fabulous detailing in the skirt and is extremely affordable. 

And now on to my other love Maggie Sottero.  Swoon worthy!  The joy with her dresses are they are affordable and are carried around Arkansas.

You can find all of these dresses here, here and here.  These images were all pulled from their site.

Any one need to go dress shopping?  I will gladly come with you!  Please?

Send in your information about your dress and I will feature it on here.  Just email me!


  1. I want to send a shout out to a local wedding store in Jonesboro, The Wedding Gallery. These ladies have been doing weddings for years and they are SO laid back and awesome! They can do it all decorations to flowers to dresses and tuxes. I went to them for the attire. I'm just a casual gal so I wanted some attention but I didn't want "Say Yes To The Dress" attention. These ladies were perfect! They were real in their input, but I didn't feel like they were pushy at all. They work with you in every aspect so if you need a 99 dollar or a 9,000 dollar dress I think you can find what you are looking for!!

  2. They did the tuxes for our wedding and were awesome! Very kind ladies!


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