April 11, 2013

Q & A: Dealing with Gray Hair

Today we are taking the title of this post quite literally. I do deal with gray hair. It is surprising to me that at 24 I started to have enough gray hair that coloring my hair was no longer an option unless I wanted to start going silver. While I love silver hair, I still wanted to hold on to blonde highlights a bit longer.

Have you thought about aging? But Katie you are 25 years old and you cannot be serious. More than ever I have really thought about growing older. Not only am I thinking about my age but more about the life I will/am living. One of my biggest goals for 2013 was living more intently and doing more things/actions to make myself happy. That may sound like a bit of a selfish goal but I 100% have loved it. A prime example I was giving to a friend yesterday was painting my own fingernails. I love painting my fingernails. My nail polish collection is colorful and fun. For most of 2012, I was running around like crazy stretching myself too thin. I was afraid to take a few moments for myself. I thought it made me a selfish wife, fur mom, co-worker, family member and friend. This year I have started giving myself a break. If I need 30 minutes of quiet and saying it can wait just to paint my nails, I do it. This is my living intently (among other things). For others it may be growing a business, spending a day without social media, finally planning that family vacation or splurging on those wedges you have been eyeballing for Spring.

So what other steps am I taking to make life sweeter with age? Don't worry. I made you a list.

{Living Intently}
I know we have covered this but it isn't just for me. For years (really since getting married) I have felt guilty. I thought being married meant creating a perfect, clean and exciting home for my husband. When I failed to meet a certain set of standards in my head, I thought I was not succeeding. I was losing myself little by little by taking on too much or letting my negative thoughts get the best of me. While I do strive for a happy household, I am learning that snuggling under the covers for 15 more minutes with Rusty and Jane dog is so much more worth it than tackling that pile of laundry. Here is the thing to understand, that pile of laundry will be there but the passing moments and laughter with your family will pass. Don't let the moment pass. Yes, another one will come that warms your heart but keep adding those moments up. It is worth it.

{Diet and Exercise}
Remember in high school when you could eat Taco Bell, go run laps for soccer practice and never gain a pound? Well I kissed those days goodbye around age 20. Never before have I thought about the things I put into my body like I am now. The things I do today will effect my family, well being and children years from now. You eventually reap what you sow. While I still struggle with emotional eating (curse you emotions), I am putting better servings into my body. It amazes me how much I love veggies and water. Saying I am a vegetarian makes me laugh because growing up I hated vegetables. Many a nights as a kid I sat at the kitchen table after everyone had finished dinner still trying to choke down green beans. Ha! Being healthy is a priority and while every day is not successful, I am 100% trying to be a better me.

{Finances, Investing, Paying It Off}
Rusty and I are making plans y'all. We are paying off debt (more on that here), investing in our future financially and making plans for what we want to do next. It is amazing what we hope to accomplish and the goals we have set. We already are talking our child's college fund and babies are not in the near future. It seems like everything is on our radar right now and that is okay. We are taking one thing at a time and tackling it. It feels good and scary at the same time. Make the proper plans for your future and retirement. It is never too early to start.

{Just Do It...Now}
Whatever it is, do it. Just do it. Want to start a business? You can no matter your experience. Want to start a family? Do it. Want to write a book? Do it. Want to paint your guest bedroom? Do it. Guys, this is our time. If we don't do what sets our heart a fire now when will we do it? Life gets busy but don't let that stop you. Move forward. Press on. Cross it off your list. Do what makes you happy...now.

What are you doing to make your life a little sweeter? Are you investing in your future? And I do not mean just financially but also personally and health wise and fun? I think making good plans for the future is a must but also enjoy your time now.

Image via the fantastic Daniel Holman Photography


  1. Great post. I need to learn to be more selfish & do more "me" stuff. PS...is this your new house? PSS...getting gray is no fun. I started putting highlights on my dark hair to hopefully camouflage it as best as I can ;-)

  2. I have no idea if I have greys yet because I color my hair & have been since high school... great advice though - I definitely need to get back on the exercise train.


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