December 31, 2012

Year in Review - 2012

It just doesn't seem real that this year is coming to an end. To say that I have grown this year as a business and a person is an understatement. A year in review post is a must just like this one from last year. Some moments this year seemed long and stressful while others it went by so quickly.

This year brought a lot of changes and of course, new lessons. We started last New Year's with the passing of Rusty's grandmother, Rosemary. It was a first for us as a couple including how to mourn and heal. We were blessed to spend a few weeks back in Arkansas with friends and family.

The first of the year we also began looking at purchasing our first house here in Texas. We began looking and did not find a home we liked. We met with a builder (more on our home here and here) and made plans to build our first house. We broke ground on the home at the end of January/start of February. Building a home has been so exciting. To say I pick the grout tile in my kitchen is fun! We moved into our new home this summer. I am still trying to decorate but we love our home.

I tackled my first styled shoot with Kiss My Tulle. More on that here and here. I also developed stronger relationships with other bloggers and wedding professionals. That was one of the biggest wants on my goals list for this year. I wanted to meet more people and start new and lasting friendships. It is refreshing to be surrounded by like minded people.

Rusty and I also experienced another tragic loss. Rusty's dad passed away suddenly in October, just a few days after our second anniversary. I still cannot put into words the sadness we feel. I think about my father-in-law every day. His death has pushed my relationship with my husband. We are learning to mourn. We are learning it is okay to cry. We are learning to love stronger and connect deeper. We are missing him so much.

I filmed another 8 weddings this year. It seems like a whirlwind of weddings but each one was dear to my heart. The relationships I developed with my 2012 brides mean so much and I am thrilled that a lot of those friendships have continued after the wedding. I learned a lot of lessons with weddings this year. In 2011, I was trying so hard to work specifically to meet each brides needs almost to the point of losing myself in video and editing. This year I was more of a business professional and I found that brides respected my business and creative spirit more. I found that more brides trusted me wholeheartedly.

One thing that will be different about this year is the amount of weddings I film. When I started Lovebird Productions, I wanted to film like crazy. The blog was a side thing that made me happy. The more I have grown as a business woman (scary to say) I have found my love. My love is not behind the camera but writing this blog. Do not get me wrong. I love filming weddings but my goal is to grow this blog versus my wedding videography company. I am still available to brides but with almost 20 weddings in less than two years under my belt, I am more happy here. It surprises me too!

So what do I want to accomplish in 2013? I already made a list (shocker) in my journal. I started a business list and a personal list.

1. Double my traffic
2. Tackle a styled shoot and get it submitted for publication
3. Grow my sponsors
4. Create a strong media kit
5. Tidy up my Pinterest page and grow that avenue of social media
6. Get a new and pretty logo

1. Donate more of my time/ Volunteer
2. Deepen my friendships
3. Send birthday cards on time (This may be silly but may be my hardest task.)
4. Find a church home
5. Create my dream home office
6. Find work with a publishing or magazine company
7. Do more things that make me happy and treat myself a bit more

What do you want to accomplish in the New Year? Thank you for your support with Lovebird Productions. This business is a result of your kindness and daily reading! I am ready to sip my pink champagne tonight. Cheers to 2013 and the best is yet to come!

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