August 8, 2012

August Goals

Sorry to be taking a break from the normal Wedding Dress Wednesday but today I needed to write. You are posting your August goals almost half way through the month? Yeah, this past month has come and gone so fast. I didn't even get around to July goals. I also went to a store yesterday that had a Christmas tree already up. I kid you not. That really put things into perspective of where the year has gone but August is a tad early to celebrate the holidays. I wouldn't mind cooler weather. Here me South Texas?

Lets see. This past month we moved. We have had company (various friends and family) for three weeks. We had a new addition  to the family. We made a trip back to Arkansas. Oh, I also turned 25. It seriously was such a great birthday! Thank you to all your sweet comments, messages and calls on my birthday. Y'all are the best. Now let's get to these goals:

1. A little major clean up of labels. The blog is growing y'all. I am starting to feature real weddings for added inspiration because there is something about looking at a strangers wedding that is entertaining. Regardless, I need to clean up all the labels. Fingers crossed on this one. I have put it off a long time. I have been really good about updating my features and tips and advice page though.

2. Spend one weekend doing no work, blog or video related items. This one may be at the end of August but I am holding myself to this one. This summer has been spent working away. I really feel like I have missed out a bit.

3. Put together all the details for Rachel's bachelorette party. Yes! This one is going to be the stress reliever in between all the other things happening. Things needed: goodie bags, embarrassing stuff for Rachel to wear (at least a big sash), the invites are mailing this week and a few other fun things that I hope to share!

4. Fully decorate one room in our home. I am thinking I will start with our entry way. I am picturing big, thick horizontal stripes.

5. Eat a snow cone. Silly but needed. Summer is going by so fast. Is it really already August?

6. Read one new book. There are so many books out that I want to read but I need to conquer one at a time.

Nothing to exciting but there you have it. Rereading this post is extremely helpful at keeping me on track...most of the time. What is on your monthly agenda? Anyone getting married? Any fun parties? I hope August brings you sunshine and a little bit of a break from all the craziness around us. Happy Wednesday!

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