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A little over two weeks ago my sweet grandmother went to be with Jesus. It still seems surreal to type that sentence. She was such a vital part of my life not only in raising me but instilling southern charm, hospitality, grace and true faith. I mention her passing not in a sad way but in a celebration of her life. She was perfection. Gosh, I miss her.

One thing that June Rose passed onto me is a love of writing thank you notes. I know. I may be the only person who truly loves them. I think I could start a business handwriting individualized thank you notes full of kind words and confetti for others. I enjoy sitting down at my desk, pulling out my notebook, doodling in each note, expressing my thanks and stuffing my mailbox.

This project has been on my mind for over a year. While I do have a long list of excuses as to why I haven't started, I want to push them aside and begin. Start a lot of things but starting with this. I hope to come up with a better name but for now it is 52 letters. 52 letters for each week of the year.

My mission? To encourage a sweet friend. To brighten someone's day. To bless them with a little sunshine. To put to use all my favorite cards I have stockpiled for years. To write. To express my love and appreciation. 52 letters. No real rules. Just a weekly card that makes a difference in someone's life.

Thank goodness for a grandmother who taught me the joy of writing and saying thank you.

P.s. If you want a note sent to you I would absolutely love that! Just email me katie@katiefarrin.com with your address.

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